Thank you for your interest in supporting Chosen 1-9!

100% of your donations go towards serving single parent households in the Indianapolis area.

Your contributions support our daily operations and initiatives, such as hosting workshops and events, maintaining our storage unit for donations, and providing relocation services.

You can check out some of our recent and upcoming projects below:

Project 1: Secure a storage unit COMPLETED!

Thanks to our community and donors we raised the necessary funds to secure a storage unit for the next 6 months! We now have a safe, secure, and central location to store donations so that we have a variety of furniture pieces on-hand and ready when requests from families come in.

Project 2: Purchasing a Box Truck

Currently, Chosen 1-9 relies on vehicles belonging to our Founder and Board Members to transport furniture for families. However, having an enclosed vehicle specifically designated for relocation services would allow us to serve more families, no matter the weather conditions, with excellence.

Project 3: Purchasing our first duplex in 2025!

There is an affordable housing shortage across the nation and right here in our city. Indianapolis shelters are consistently operating at full capacity and single parent households remain at high risk of experiencing homelessness. When Chosen 1-9 was created it was important for us to address the housing issue and help single parent households stay out of shelters and live in safe, stable, housing. By owning a duplex, we can provide this type of housing to two families at the same time, keeping them out of shelters and in a secure environment.

Interested in donating furniture?

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